The Charlottetown Christian Reformed Church exists
to be a unified community of believers,
who love and worship God,
who love and care for each other,
who encourage and equip each other to live for Christ,
who reach out to a broken world to tell others about Jesus.
In short ... our mission is:
“To grow and equip people to know Christ and make him known.”

Our dream is to be a church where...
...all people are equipped, supported, and motivated to be all that God wants them to be.
...every person joyfully serves according to their spiritual giftedness.
...people are living out their faith with commitment, fire, and enthusiasm.
...corporate worship is an inspiring and wonderful experience.
...people experience intimate community and growth in small groups. members are constantly welcomed and enfolded through evangelism.
...unfeigned, contagious love characterizes all our relationships in Christian community.
...youth are engaged and fully participate in the life of the church.
...when we reach sufficient growth, we plant another church.