Our Story

In the early 1950's a small group of immigrants from the Netherlands formed an association to help attract more of their countrymen to Prince Edward Island. Attracted to the rich land many became farmers, while others set up small businesses or worked in various industry. At first, many of the immigrants preferred to join an existing Island Church, but were encouraged by Islanders to form their own church, as the Scots and British had done before them. Even though they came from a wide variety of backgrounds, they decided to form a single congregation, giving witness to the unifying spirit of the church. This congregation became the Charlottetown Christian Reformed Church.

The beginnings were humble with families meeting for worship in various homes until they rented the Heartz Hall in East Royalty as the first meeting place, for one dollar a week. Many old cars and even a tractor were parked at the Hall on Sundays, and many of them needed a boost to get them going for the drive home. Members who lived farther away brought lunches along and stayed at the Hall for the 2 pm service.

The present property at 153 Mt. Edward Road was purchased in the mid 1960's and the church building was dedicated on February 6, 1966. As the church continued to grow and attract new members, the building was expanded twice, once in the early 1980's and once in 1994.

Over the years the church has been blessed with a vibrant community that is dedicated to one another and to our neighbours, assisting in the formation of the Happy Day Christian Kindergarten and Immanuel Christian School. There is rarely a quiet night at the church with many clubs and groups using the building.  We are proud to have all ages well represented from newborns to seniors. 

We invite you to visit Charlottetown Christian Reformed Church and join in our worship services and many activities we have to offer.  Experience good fellowship, great times, and new friends.  Everyone is welcome!